Design your learning experience with VideoKen

Use cases for VideoKen can be endless. As an institution, here’s how you can efficiently use this tool to cultivate the culture of learning in your organization. Our Enterprise and SMB customers are using this platform everyday to deliver their learning programs.

Continuous and Agile Learning

Learning technologies are going through rapid change, and traditional learning management systems are getting obsolete now. As companies are striving hard to build the organization of the future, continuous learning is critical for business success. Employees themselves are pushing for continuous skills development to stay competitive. Digital transformation has made access to information simple, millions of videos are freely available on internet on virtually every topic. With VideoKen, you can quickly navigate through these videos and identify relevant learning for your need, you can also curate and personalize by clipping relevant portions of the video and adding notes & bookmarks. Learn how to create your personalized KenListwith VideoKen.

Peer to peer learning

While it provide you excellent tools to personalize your learning experience, it also allows to share them among your peers & colleagues, and engage them in healthy discussions. We believe your knowledge increases many folds when you provide collaborative environment.

Microlearning/Bite-sized Learning

In today’s digital age, learning modules need to adapt to suit the fast-paced world we now live in. Microlearning is a focused, more compact way to learn. Microlearning refers to bite-sized courses that can be consumed in a short period time with the content being rich in substance. VideoKen allows you curate & create KenLists to support bite-sized learning.

Specialized Training

Your L&D department can quickly put together a specialized training content with videos, documents and other reference materials on VideoKen. It allows you create quizzes and assignments for learner assessments. You can make your learning content engaging by using discussion boards, adding in-video questions, enabling gamification through leaderboard.

New-hire Training

Reduce your training cycle by introducing VideoKen as your delivery vehicle for new hire trainings. Onboard them on VideoKen before they formally join you and take them through mandatory skills training. Connect and engage them through our social & collaboration tools. Make it more interesting through leaderboard and gamification models.

University Programs

Do you run university programs to provide software/technology trainings to students? It’s a great way to give back to the society and build a brand for yourself. You can partner with us to effectively run your programs with academia. Check with us, we can offer special pricing and support for your program.

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