Why Your Video Marketing is Failing You

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If you’ve come to this page, then you know what I’m talking about. Getting  optimized returns from your videos is always a tricky business as a marketer.

Of all the collateral available to any marketer, the one that gives the most pain are videos! Ask any marketer, they’ll agree. It is a known problem, but one which is not paid enough attention to.

Now it’s not to say there isn’t a solution for this, but before that, let’s take a quick look at WHY your video marketing is failing you.

You are missing out on a huge aspect of marketing – SEO!

SEO is one of the most important aspect of content creation and distribution. Although videos are such rich sources of information (and keywords and tags), they rarely, if ever, add to your efforts to improve your SEO.  Videos have never really driven much traffic to your site or landing page, have they? That is about to change.

I’m sure you’ve thought of getting your videos transcribed and embedding that into your videos – but you just don’t have enough resources to get it implemented. It is tedious and time consuming. It’s not like you can automatically and instantly transcribe a video, or can you?

I can tell this already put a smile on your face.

You are not collecting lead information from your videos…

…or you haven’t figured out you could and if so, how. We normally look at videos as a part of a website or landing page, and it is on these pages that you normally get people to sign up or share their info that you can use for your marketing efforts.

Have you ever wondered if you could use your video itself for end-to-end lead gen? What if you could prompt your users to share their info with you as they view the video? Having a CTA in your video is far more effective than having one outside of it. You could ask them a question, share a downloadable document and more.

I’m sure that smile has widened.

The metrics you use to track your video performance are arbitrary (and rather incomplete).

Most video hosting platforms have the capability to more or less track the following:

  • – Likes/dislikes
  • – Shares
  • – Views
  • – Minutes watched/Average watch time

While these are good metrics to track the health of your video, they only paint half a picture. But what if you could also:

  • – Know which specific topics in a video grab the interest of most of your users
  • – Learn which sections they’ve viewed and which they’ve skipped
  • – Track minute wise engagement distribution
  • – See viewing behavior of every individual viewer

I had your curiosity, now I have your attention. While I have that, what if I told you all the above can be done automatically, all powered by AI!

An overhaul of how we view and interact with videos is long overdue, and now with VideoKen’s interface, it has arrived.

VideoKen uses patented AI, machine learning, deep learning, and computer vision systems to transform your videos into information powerhouses with intuitive navigation, automatic index (Table of Contents) and word cloud (key words/phrases) of the video content. Essentially your video is now segmented into chapters, say, like a textbook.

Your viewers can easily switch or skip to different parts of the video according to their interests, can find specific topics and where they are used in the timeline, search for a specific phrase inside a video. This not only helps them get a better user experience which is tailored to their needs, but also improves your overall watch time by 2x-4x!

Time to end your video woes. Request a demo now and supercharge your videos with AI!