Here’s how you can improve your video watch time

It is estimated that by 2021, videos will account for over 80% of internet traffic! That is a mind boggling market dominance to hold for any form of content.

In an era of short attention spans, videos are turning out to be the ones that just might hold someone’s interest long enough to create an impact (provided the right tools and techniques are used).

To counter the general lack of attention and interest in audiences, most video content producers keep their videos shorter in length. While these work for entertainment style videos such as sketches, adverts etc., there are a whole bunch of videos which have the need to be longer. Think webinars, lecture videos, product reviews, conference talks, enterprise training etc. All of these are highly informational in nature, and usually tend to delve deeper into a particular subject. Their objective is for the viewer to develop a grasp and understanding of the information shared with them.

Now considering that, a shorter format might not be the best way to go for these videos. Yes, bite sized video content seems to be all the rage, but a more consumable long form video makes for a much better learning tool. It is this fine line, between the benefits of long form videos and bite sized content, that will change the way we interact with videos.

What longer videos lack is a structure…

…a structure for the viewer to see the specific contents of the video. What if we could break down these videos into segments or topics, not by making the videos themselves shorter, but having an index that lets you parse through all topics in that particular video? Think of a webinar that covers, say 15 topics, and your interest is in 4 of those but you do not know where in the webinar they will appear. With an index, it is easier to jump to those exact topics! Now with an index, you might also want to explore other topics now that you know what they are – instead of an hour long video where you don’t know the topics covered, their order or where to find what you’re looking for.

It is as simple as this – if you have a book of 1000 pages long, you don’t tear it up into smaller books with smaller number of pages (say into 10 books with 100 pages each); you create an index and list the chapter names and their page numbers i.e. the topics and where to find them. This is what we are doing with videos!

Now you might wonder how having an index or a table of contents will help watch times?

Well, you will not have users dropping off after the initial peak. They will either jump straight to the topics of their choice, or now that there is an index will actually know what the contents of the video are and might decide to stick around for more. Either way, what  you do have at the end of the day is more engaged viewers who watch more parts of the video than they would without an index – in fact 2-4x more by our calculations!

Psssst, we do all of this with the power of Artificial Intelligence! Our AI engine processes your videos and automatically generates a Table of Contents, and gives you host of other features that will supercharge your videos. Sounds interesting? Head here and request a demo and we’ll show you how you can transform the video watching experience for your viewers, and get increased user engagement.

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