Let’s create a Knowledge Universe by adding #OneVideoADay

Knowledge has no boundaries.  Let's discover them in #OneVideoADay

When you’re curious, you find so many interesting things around and everything leads to a new learning.  Don’t you think this universe is full of knowledge, from atoms to the galaxy, from arts to science, from lifestyle to travel, there’s so much information around us.  At VideoKen, we are trying to build a Knowledge Universe, collection of learning videos on varied topics.  Come join us in this journey of learning together.


Knowledge has no boundaries, let’s discover them in #OneVideoADay.  We will share #OneVideoADay that you can watch at your leisure time, while travelling to your office (of course, not while driving 😊), during your break (as a stress buster), anytime is good for learning.

You get the VideoKen version of handpicked video every day. With in-video chapters, search and other indices, we are sure to make to make your video watching experience engaging and joyful.

Knowledge Universe

All these videos are available at one place, indexed by topics, bookmark this page.  In future, if you wish to go back to a particular video, or a segment of the video, its super easy.  All you need is to type the topic or related term, and we will tell you which video has those topics or which segment of the video talks about it, you can jump straight to topic.

Share the knowledge

Knowledge increases by sharing.  Share these videos in your network and let’s spread the knowledge.


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